Gay Life Insurance and Gay Life Insurance – Latest News

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) have recently been consulting with stakeholders from within the Gay Community about their new “Guiding Principles” for insurance companies around HIV and Insurance.

Some of the community stakeholders that have recently been consulted include National Aids Trust, Terence Higgins Trust, Nam Aidsmap, HIV Scotland, George House Trust and Waverley Care.

Chris Morgan our lead financial adviser, is part of the working group that created the new principles and following the consultation we are expecting them to be completed and published very soon.

Also, the new ABI consumer guide about HIV and Life Insurance, that fits alongside the new best practice, will be published soon and we will keep you informed of any developments as they happen.

The new guide will be used to raise awareness of the new rules effecting LGBT people when applying for Life Insurance products.

Anthony Said …

“I currently have Life Assurance with Scottish provident that was taken out in 2004, before Life Insurance Companies stopped asking single men about their sexuality. The policy has a number of specific exclusions relating to HIV and this has always been something that I’ve been unhappy with.

Anthony Continued …

“The policy does offer Life Insurance and Critical Illness, but with exclusions for HIV and I was sent for a HIV test at the time. I would be interested to know if the rules regarding the treatment of gay men by insurance companies have improved in any way?”.

Here’s the latest news with regards to Insurance products for LGBT people …

Every week LGBT people still contact our office with concerns about policies they have taken out in the past and the way they were treated by insurance companies. Since 2005 Life Insurance companies have not been allowed to ask personal “Gay Questions” on Life Insurance applications, or send gay men for an automatic HIV test.

Chris Morgan led a campaign for over a decade for the equal treatment of gay men and made certain that Insurers were no longer allowed to speculatively underwrite life insurance polices based upon occupation. Would you believe that Insurers used to automatically send cabin crew, hairdressers, ballet dancers and male nurses for HIV testing?

And Anthony?

We arranged Life Assurance for £90,000 without any personal questions, HIV testing or specific policy exclusions for HIV. Chris Morgan has recently been in discussions with the ABI about their latest draft of the HIV and Insurance Guiding principles and this will be available soon, along with a new consumer guide.

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