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Compass have been offering Mortgage’s and Insurance to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender clients for over 17 years. During which time we have seen many changes in the way that LGBT people are treated by Mortgage and Insurance Companies.

For many years Gay men and Women were discriminated against by UK Insurance companies, whilst taking out Life Insurance and were required to take compulsory HIV tests. In order to avoid this many gay couples found themselves taking out separate Life Insurance plans and gay singles found themselves taking out multiple insurance plans.

At the time this was very much the best advice possible, as Gay Men and Women avoided personal questioning and having to take a HIV test. Compass and our Lead Financial Adviser Chris Morgan, led the campaign for the removal of this discrimination and as a result the LGBT Community are now able to take Insurance without any discrimination.

Compass still offer Insurance services to the LGBT Community, helping gay men and women men to find the best possible premiums for their circumstances. We are able to review existing Insurance policies and also help LGBT people find the best new policies for their requirements.

We have become the UK’s leading Mortgage and Insurance brokers within both the LGBT and HIV Communities and our work within the HIV Community is widely documented. We also led the campaign for the introduction of Life Assurance for people living with HIV.

Whether you are looking for Life Insurance, Income Protection, Critical Illness Cover or a Mortgage, we are here to help with specialist advice. If you still feel discriminated against by any Mortgage or Insurance company, we would like to hear from you.

Compass are the UK’s leading Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Financial Advisers, offering advice on Gay Life Assurance, Gay Life Insurance, Gay Mortgages, HIV Life Assurance, HIV Life Insurance, HIV Mortgages.

They are also the UK’s leading experts at planning Life Assurance and Mortgages for LGBT and Alternative Families and are able to assist LGBT people looking for advice on their Pensions and Investments.

For more information about these services please contact Compass by phone 0845 474 3075. Email or visit us online at 

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