LGBT Financial Adviser – Gay Financial Adviser

Compass are specialist financial advisers, that offer Mortgage and Life Insurance advice for Lesbian, Gay, Bi Sexual and Transgender clients. We offer a safe environment for people to discuss their private financial affairs, without fear of discrimination.

We have an unrivalled track record in securing equal rights for LGBT people, within the UK financial services industry. Our lead financial adviser Chris Morgan were responsible for the removal of the “Gay Question” from Life Insurance applications and the end of compulsory HIV testing for gay men by Insurance companies in the UK.

He was also responsible for the introduction of Life Insurance for people living with HIV and we are the UK’s most knowledgeable financial advisers for HIV Life Assurance and HIV Mortgages. Our commitment to offering financial advice to the LGBT and HIV Communities has been unwavering for almost two decades.

We are sometimes asked … Why are LGBT and Gay Financial Advisers still needed? 


Some of our clients find it difficult to disclose their sexuality or HIV status to their bank, building society or local financial adviser. They feel safer and more comfortable disclosing what they consider to be private affairs, to a specialist financial adviser. We take client privacy extremely seriously! 


Although social attitudes have changed considerably over the last two decades we still meet clients who need our urgent help due to homophobia. We have literally assisted hundreds of LGBT people overcome homophobic situations in their lives. We help to people secure the finance to move away from Homophobic neighbours!


Trans clients ask us to arrange Life Insurance and Mortgages for them on a regular basis, as Life Insurance and mortgages companies can be difficult to deal with over Trans and Intersex issues. On many occasions in the past we have met Trans clients who have faced discrimination when interacting with financial companies. We are highly experienced at representing LGBT people!


Sometimes we still hear stories of “changing attitudes” from bank staff, building societies and financial advisers once our client had disclosed their sexuality or HIV status. You wouldn’t think that in 2015 that this would still happen in society, but sadly it still does. If you ever feel discriminated against when taking a financial product, we are here to help and represent you!


We often meet clients who wish to take out a mortgage or life insuranace with their partner and are worried that their family, bank manager or doctor finding out about their private and confidential information. We are here to represent LGBT and HIV Positive people and to help protect your personal identity!


We regularly advise LGBT, Alternative and Trans Familes about their protection and mortgage requirements. On many occassions we have found our clients prefer to discuss their financial affairs with a specialist financial adviser who understands their community and their families needs. Compass have nearly two decades of experience advising LGBT parents and families! 

Compass are the UK’s leading Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Financial Advisers, offering advice on Gay Life Assurance, Gay Life Insurance, Gay Mortgages, HIV Life Assurance, HIV Life Insurance, HIV Mortgages.

They are also the UK’s leading experts at planning Life Assurance and Mortgages for LGBT and Alternative Families and are able to assist LGBT people looking for advice on their Pensions and Investments.

For more information about these services please contact Compass by phone 0845 474 3075. Email or visit us online at 

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