HIV and Insurance Survey 2015 …

Our friends at Unusual Risks are currently reaching out across both the UK Gay and UK HIV Communities and asking people to complete their latest survey …

They are currently representing the Gay and HIV Communities in round table discussions with members of the Association of British Insurers (ABI), which are focused on improving the treatment of HIV Positive people by the UK Insurance Industry.

As part of these discussions they have agreed to help the ABI produce a “HIV and Insurance Consumer” guide which will help raise awareness of important issues like   ….

Whether HIV Positive people should cancel or keep their insurance’s on diagnosis?

Which types of insurance are available to people living with HIV?

When should you disclose your HIV Status on Insurance application forms?

The data collected from the enclosed survey will help with the launch of the consumer guide and also help them to continue to press for change around the availability of other financial products.

We would like to ask anyone who is Gay and HIV Positive to complete the anonymous survey below.

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