London Pride Heroes List 2015 …..

Happy Pride Season 2015 !

Compass are very proud to announce that our Lead Financial Adviser Chris Morgan has been included in the “Pride Heroes” list 2015.

The list that has been compiled by the London Pride and includes many notable LGBTI celebrities, business people, community leaders and activists.

Chris has been included for his work relating to HIV and Insurance that led to full equality for LGBTI people with regards to Life Assurance in the UK, removal of the “Gay Question” from Life Assurance applications and also the removal of compulsory HIV testing for gay men by Insurance Companies.

Compass are specialists at offering advice to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex clients for Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection, Life Assurance, Life Insurance, and Mortgages. We can even introduce you to the very best Investment Planning and Pension Transfer Services.

You can read about the Pride Heroes list here 

See who is on the Pride Heroes list here

If you require more information on LGBTI Finance including Gay Life Insurance, Gay Life Assurance and Gay Mortgages you an contact Compass Mortgage & Insurance Services on 0845 474 3075, or by email at or on the web at

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