Mortgage Life Insurance & Critical Illness Cover for LGBT Clients …

In a previous feature we shared with you the results of our latest Gay Insurance Survey, where 74% of Gay Men and Women take out Life Insurance to protect their home or a Mortgage.

In the same survey we also established that 26% of gay men and women take out Critical Illness Cover, alongside their Life Insurance to protect themselves in case they are diagnosed with a serious long term illness. It is in fact possible to package both Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover together within the same product when taking out a mortgage.

Here’s a recent example of one LGBT client that approached us for Insurance advice …

Michael (Aged 37) works for a major house builder as a project consultant and is in the process of increasing his mortgage in order to move home. The new mortgage is going to be for £250,000 with a term of 28 years extended through to his planned retirement age of 65.

He already has two separate Life Assurance plans in place both with Life Assurance and Critical Illness Cover. However, they were only for a total of £110,000 and have a remaining term of only 12 years. He is concerned that the new mortgage runs for longer than this and would like us to raise quotes for the full 28 years.

Life Assurance is designed to pay out a lump sum to clear a mortgage in the event of death, where Critical Illness Cover is designed to pay a lump sum benefit should the policy holder suffer from one of a list of serious illnesses. This list includes conditions like Heart Attack, Heart Surgery, Cancer, Kidney Failure, Liver Failure, Alzheimer’s Disease and Stroke.

Michael was very keen to make sure his mortgage was fully covered through until the time that he is likely to finish work and we were able to find him an integrated policy for £250,000, which included both Life Cover and the Critical Illness Cover.

If you are looking for a new mortgage, life insurance, critical illness policy or income protection plan why not give us a call.

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